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Ben Franklin School Assembly Rocks Indiana School

Posted on Fri, Apr 11, 2014

Ben Franklin School and Library showHere at Mobile Ed, we all know what a great performer David Mitchell is, but we often forget that not everyone is as aware of this as we are.

 David does several shows for us, including two great anti-bullying programs (Stronger Than a Bully and You've Got a Friend), as well as a super mathematics show called Imathimation and an awesome reading show called Reading! More Than Words!. But he is perhaps best known for the first show he brought to us, an absolutely perfect program about one of our Founding Fathers, Ben Franklin. The Ben Franklin show holds a special place in Dave's heart, and it shows every time he performs this masterpiece.

Just recently students at Batesville Intermediate School in Indiana were treated to a performance of Ben Franklin by David, and the reception was understandably wild. Here are some of the remarks we heard from teachers and staff there.

Wonderful!!!! Dave has a real gift. All four presentations were very well-received by students and staff. It's only 3 p.m. and I've had numerous teachers stop by to tell me that this "was the best program" that we have had in years. As the organizer of our Arts in Education programming, it was a pleasure to host such an easy going, professional and self-sufficient artist!”

Very enjoyable... Performer did an outstanding job!”

This was one of the best programs we have had! It was very educational and enjoyable.”

One of the best visiting performers I've ever seen! The students were engaged during the entire presentation. “

Wonderful presenter...perfect for the part! Students were very attentive with no discipline problems throughout the presentation. Well done!”

This show was EXCELLENT! The kids were engaged the entire time and the performer was very funny and entertaining! We loved this performance.”

Ben Franklin School and Library show 2Now we all know David is awesome, but it is always nice to hear it from our happy clients!

And happily for some, David will be available again next year to almost all of our client schools across much of the country. Now David does leave off on touring to spend time with his family at home in Tennessee during the summer months, but if you happen to operate a library or summer camp in Tennessee or Kentucky then you can still take advantage of this amazingly talented performer and any of his great shows during the summer. Let us know if you would like further details on bringing Ben Franklin (ooops, we mean David Mitchell!) to your site sometime soon!


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