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Former Mobile Ed Performer Stars in WW2 Drama

Posted on Tue, Nov 11, 2014

For 5 years, Lawrence C. Garnell Jr. toured the nation with Mobile Ed Productions performing and training other actors in our acclaimed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. assembly program.  Mr. Garnell was very successful with the program and says, "Without the training I received from the tour and being on the road, I would not have developed the discipline in performing under varied conditions."

Since retiring from Mobile Ed, Lawrence C. Garnell Jr. has pursued his acting passion to film where he has starred in the cheesy sci-fi cult film "Atlantic Rim" from the producers of the popular B-movie "Sharknado".  This Veterans Day you can see Mr. Garnell in a much more serious role in the World War 2 drama "Ardenne's Fury" where he plays Sgt. Nathaniel Rose.

"Ardenne's Fury" will be available worldwide this Veteran's Day, 11/11/14, via streaming on Netflix and Amazon as well as on DVD at Redbox, Walmart, Best Buy and other retail stores.  

Not only does Mobile Ed Productions provide cutting-edge educational programming for students all over the country, it also provides a foundation for the careers of actors, musicians, mimes, magicians and other performing artists.

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