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Ohio and Indiana History - School Assemblies in the Midwest

Posted on Wed, Apr 27, 2011

ohio school assembliesAll over the midwest, in states such as Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Illinois, part of the curriculum for intermediate grades involves teaching 3rd, 4th and 5th graders about the Native American tribes that lived in this part of the country before the Europeans arrived. There is nothing strange about this. All over the country it is standard for states to require children in this age range to learn the history of their own state. In the midwest states that is all wrapped up in the history and culture of the tribes that inhabited this area in the centuries before settlers began arriving from the eastern colonies of the early United States.

And there were many different tribes. Today it is impossible to escape their influence if for no other reason than that early Europeans tended to name the rivers according to the names of the tribes that were found to be living by them. Thus we have the Tuscarawas  and Miami rivers in Ohio, and the Wabash in Indiana.ohio school assemblies   tecumseh resized 600

Mobile Ed now has a great way to assist schools in teaching kids about the people who lived in this great land for so many years, and about what transpired when the Native American culture began to interact with that of the Europeans.

Piankeshaw Trails is a new school assembly now offered by Mobile Ed to our clients in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois and Kentucky.

Our presenter is a trained anthropologist with years of experience bringing the culture of the midwestern tribes to children in a delightful and interactive manner that delights them all. With a museum quality display of Native American artifacts, this awesome new program brings the culture of the woodland tribes to life in an unforgettable manner. Children learn about the ways in which these early Americans lived, from cooking and hunting to the ohio school assembliestextiles, furs, skins and the very fabric of the life they lived. And the history is filled with a rich texture of famous and inspiring figures from the past. Names such as Tecumseh, and famous battles such as Fallen Timbers, illuminate a rich but heroically tragic period in our past.

We are offering this new school show for 2011-2012 but for those schools in the midwest still looking for something fun yet this spring, some select dates are available for this super cool school assembly program.

We are very excited and proud to be able to offer this important and wonderful program!

Here are some links to additional information about Ohio school assemblies, as well as school shows in Indiana, Michigan and Illinois.

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