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Go BIG this Earth Day with the Earth Dome

Posted on Mon, Apr 11, 2022

Go BIG this Earth Day with the Earth Dome


Earth Day is right around the corner, and the educators at Mobile Ed Productions, Inc. are getting excited for spring! Our educators love teaching about our environment in spring when plants begin to grow again and animals come out of hiding. Students and teachers alike can’t help but be amazed by the wonders of our home planet when they experience the Earth Dome. Dive into geography this Earth Day with the Mobile Ed Productions Earth Dome!

The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22nd, 1970, which is said to mark the first day of the “modern environmental movement.” Leading up to this day, mainstream America was relatively unaware of the effects pollution had on the environment and human health. Former Senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin was shocked by the effects of the Santa Barbara oil spill in 1969. Motivated to make changes, he and Former Congressman Pete McCloskey hosted a teach-in at a college campus on April 22nd, 1970. Protests and rallies for environmental protection quickly followed. This event, eventually named “Earth Day”, was the first time many individual environmental groups came together to advocate for environmental issues. Earth Day went global in 1990 and is celebrated annually today. 



Mobile Ed Productions’ Earth Dome Program is a school favorite around the country. Our Earth Dome is a gigantic inflatable earth-shaped balloon standing 17-feet high and 19-feet in diameter. It's made up of 24 panels silkscreened with photographs shot from satellites of the surface of the earth on cloud-free days. Our Earth Domes have traveled all across the United States to educate students of various ages about geography, and each one of them has been captivated by what they experienced with the Earth Dome. 


Our presenter will give your students an entertaining and educational tour, both outside and inside the balloon, so your students obtain a new perspective of earth that is nearly impossible to learn from paper. Our impressive earth-shaped balloon allows students to better visualize the immensity of the planet they live on and all the layers that make it whole. Our massive planet will feel just a little bit small after visiting continents all around the world. This is one adventure that your students will never forget!


The Earth Dome Program will inform students about: 

  • Continents
  • Oceans
  • Mountains
  • Rivers
  • Scale
  • Time Zones
  • Geography
  • Plate Tectonics


Don’t believe that the Earth Dome is a school favorite? Here is what one educator in Ohio had to say after Mobile Ed Productions, Inc. visited their school with the Earth Dome: 


"Teachers had many compliments about the program and especially the presenter. He was very engaging and entertaining. The students were in awe of the gigantic globe and were even more excited about going inside. It was easy to set up and prepare for and didn't take away from student day. The program enhanced the learning students were currently doing within their classrooms…."


- Wiggin Street Elementary School, Gambier, OH

Contact the Mobile Ed Productions team at 800-433-7459 to learn more about our Earth Dome Program and see when we can make a stop at your school!

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