Education Through Entertainment

Easy Moon Lander Model Project for Kids

Posted on Mon, Feb 5, 2024

February 3rd was the anniversary of the first moon landing in history. On this day in 1966, the unmanned Soviet Luna 9 landed on the moon: the first landing on another celestial body. A huge accomplishment for science and research, educators can use this remarkable anniversary as an introduction to learning about outer space. Mobile Ed has a quick and easy science project to teach young students about the history of the moon.

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How to Integrate Kindness into Your Lesson Plans

Posted on Mon, Jan 29, 2024

We as educators are the determiners of our classroom environment. We have the responsibility and opportunity each day to create and maintain a kind and welcoming classroom environment for our students to learn in. How our students treat each other is going to play largely into our classroom environment as well. We can control our actions and decisions, but can we change our classroom environment through our students? Mobile Ed has a few ways to integrate kindness into our lesson plans. 

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Hands-On History: Postcards from the Past

Posted on Mon, Jan 22, 2024

How often can students get hands-on with history? Not very often as we usually learn about history through our textbooks, movies, and books. As several historical celebrations approach us this time of year, Mobile Ed has a simple and engaging way for students to dive into the past using hands-on learning. Continue reading to learn how to make the Postcards from the Past project. 

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How Education Unlocks Dreaming in Our Classrooms

Posted on Mon, Jan 15, 2024

It’s no secret that the best way to achieve dreams is through education. If students are going to go after their dreams, they need to have the desire as well as the skills to research, prepare, and take action toward their goals. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day every January is a powerful reminder to dream big, but our classrooms today are the perfect environment for students to prepare to achieve them.

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5 Simple Coding Projects for Kids

Posted on Fri, Jan 5, 2024


Coding could be considered the most important skill of our century, which is why our schools are now encouraging and implementing programs to help us teach it to our students. But where do we start? Mobile Ed has a few simple activities that can introduce coding to your students that will get them excited about the subject.

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A New Year, a New Way to Learn

Posted on Tue, Jan 2, 2024

As educators, we remain lifelong learners, so a new year calls for finding new and improved ways to educate the generations of tomorrow. Mobile Ed's mission is to help students become passionate learners by combining high-quality education with effective entertainment. This form of education meets students where they are and encourages students to be active participants in their education. 2024 is the year you'll want to make your lesson plan come to life with a Mobile Ed Assembly.

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5 Ways to Maximize Student Engagement Before Break

Posted on Fri, Dec 15, 2023


It’s that time of year again! Students are antsy and restless in their seats as they get excited for some time off from school to rest, be with friends and family, and get outside. Though it is an exciting time of year, our jobs can become more challenging when students are distracted and in need of a break. Mobile Ed has a few simple ways to keep students focused on the days leading up to break while still accomplishing your goals.

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How to Host Inclusive Holiday Celebrations with Your Students

Posted on Thu, Dec 7, 2023


Inclusion in our classrooms is important any time of year, but the holidays are a wonderful time to be intentional with it. As educators, we are the leaders of our classrooms, therefore it’s our responsibility to determine the atmosphere our classrooms will have. Mobile Ed has a few simple steps you can take this season to make sure your holiday celebrations put inclusivity at the forefront.

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Avoiding Perfectionism While Striving For Excellence as Educators

Posted on Wed, Nov 22, 2023


Bulletin boards, lesson plans, classroom décor. Oh, my! As educators, we can easily become wrapped up in running the “perfect” classroom. None of us are strangers to perfectionism. We’re grading and rating students on their growth and achievements each day, so it's easy to fall into perfectionist thinking. Perfectionism isn't as good as some of us think it is; it's actually a double-edged sword. However, there are ways we can reduce perfectionism while maintaining excellence in our classrooms. 

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10 Low-Prep Science Experiments for Your Classroom

Posted on Fri, Nov 17, 2023

Science can be challenging to learn, but it doesn't have to be complicated to teach. Even the most simple classroom objects can have the biggest impact on student learning. Finding ways to meet students where they're at and harnessing their sense of wonder is the easiest route toward effective learning. Mobile Ed has ten low-prep science experiments that are both educational and exciting for students.

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