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Mobile Ed Presents a New Assembly - George Washington!

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With Today’s Emphasis on Science and Math, Why Choose a Historical Character?

Former Mobile Ed Performer Stars in WW2 Drama

Here Comes Those Big White Vans!

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School Assembly Showcase in Chicago Rolls Around Again!

Anti Bullying Assemblies for Middle and High Schools

Anti Bullying Shows to Kick Off The New Year

Happy 21st to Geoff as Mobile Ed Midwest Regional Manager

The Critics Have Spoken – Toma's School Assemblies Rock!

The Day Lincoln Died and Other Tales From School Assemblies

Ben Franklin School Assembly Rocks Indiana School

Kidz Science Safari Hands On Science Assembly to Tour Again in 14-15

In Memory of the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.

STEM And The Future Of Educational Assembly Programs

Opening Day For Baseball (...and for School Assemblies!)

Reading and Writing Made Fun Through Mobile Ed School Shows

Happy St. Patrick's Day – Go Green With Green School Assemblies!

Today in History - School Assemblies To Teach!

Recent Reviews For Mobile Ed Productions School Assembly Programs

Blue and Gold Banquets and School Assembly Programs and Shows

Mobile Ed Reviews – The STEM Museum

Martin Luther King Day and African American History School Shows

Mobile Ed's Top Ten School Assemblies From 2013

The Blizzard of '14! School Shows Cancelled Because of Weather!

Happy Holidays From America's Favorite School Assembly Guys!

In Memoriam – Peter O'Toole

Honoring the Memory of Nelson Mandela

Happy Thanksgiving From Mobile Ed Productions!

The Magic of Science – Kids Reviews For Mobile Ed Productions

The World Will Little Note Nor Long Remember... Today in 1863

The STEM Museum Makes The News In Maryland

Great Ideas for School Assemblies for Halloween

STEM Education – Welcome To The World Of The Jetsons!

On Being Lincoln – A Quarter Century of School Assemblies

National Bully Awareness Week

Of Space, and Heros and the Stars

The Voices From 120 Years Ago – Thomas Edison And The Birth Of Sound

Squirrel! School Shows For Middle School Audiences

Mathematics, Education and The Meaning of Life – A STEM Perspective

New Video Now Available for The STEM Museum

Living In The Moment:Cancer Research and STEM Education

STEM Museum School Assembly Program Grabs Great Initial reviews!

Another Awesome School Assembly Showcase in Chicago!

The STEM Museum Unveiled! New Science Extravaganza takes to The Road

Eleven Cool School Assemblies For Colorado This Year!

Great School Shows In Store For The Great State Of Texas

The Gold Standard in School Assembly Programs

STEM Education On The Brink

Happy Labor Day From Mobile Ed Productions!

School Assemblies In Chicago – Skokie Showdown!

Mobile Ed Live From Chicago School Assembly Showcase

Excitement Building for School Assembly Showcase in Skokie

Kicking Off The School Year With Character Counts

“Back to School” School Assembly Special Still Ongoing in Midwest!

Chicagoland School Assembly Showcases Coming Soon!

School Assembly Guide Chapter 22 – Holidays and Special Occasions

Mobile Ed's Guide to School Assemblies Part 21 - Health

Mobile Ed's School Assembly Guide Part 20 – Hands On Assemblies

Detroit Celebrates a Birthday Amidst Bankruptcy and New Growth

The Birth of Royals and the Birth of Royal School Shows!

Mobile Ed's Guide to School Assemblies Part 19 – The Environment

Anti Bullying School Assembly Update – Fall Selling Out!

Mobile Ed's School Assembly Guide, Part 18 – Fine Arts

Extraordinary Achievements, Inspiration, and School Assemblies

Mobile Ed's School Assembly Guide Chapter 17 – Planetariums

July 4 – Gettysburg, 150 years ago.

Mobile Ed's Thomas Edison Returns To Edison Birthplace

Mobile Ed School Assembly Guide Part 16 – Animal Programs

School Assembly Guide Pt 15 - Motivational and/or Anti Drug Programs

Announcing “Back to School” Science Assembly Specials for the Fall!

Mobile Ed School Assembly Guide Pt 14 – Authors and Writing Programs

Still More Great reviews for Mobile Ed School Enrichment Programs!

More Great Reviews For Mobile Ed School Shows And Performers

School Assembly Guide Pt. 13 – Character and Bullying Assemblies

School Assembly Guide Pt. 12 – History and Social Studies Shows

Great review for Mobile Ed Productions School Show

Boston Bombing Victims and New Medical Technologies

Mobile Ed Productions New STEM Museum Selling Out

Happy Earth Day From The School Assembly Guys At Mobile Ed!

School Assembly Guide Pt. 11 – Science Programs

Announcing Our Newest School Assembly Program – The Stem Museum

Mobile Ed School Assembly Guide Part 10 – Entertainment Programs

What Do You Know About History – Teaching With School Shows

Guide To School Assemblies, Part Nine - Teachers

Our Newest Awesome School Assembly – Can You Say STEM?

School Show Guide - Chapter Eight - Principals - Friend or Enemy?

Guide To School Assemblies Pt. 7 – For Profit and Not For Profit

Beginners Guide to School Assemblies Pt. 6 – What Can I afford?

School Assembly Guide Part Five - What To Look For?

Mobile Ed's Guide To School Assemblies Part Four – Types of Shows

Beginners Guide to School Assemblies Part Three - History of School Assemblies

What Is A School Assembly? - A Beginner's Guide Part Two

Mobile Ed's Beginners Guide To School Assemblies - Getting Started

School Assembly Programs For A New School Year

Strange Noises In The Backroom – School Assemblies On The Way

Education In The U.S. And The Small Contribution of School Assemblies

Mobile Ed School Assembly Dog of The Month for February! Deuce!

Sneaky Scoundrels And Strange Tales Of The School Assembly Sting

Mandatory State Wide Testing – What To Do Once The Gorilla Is Gone

Black History Month Program Ideas - School Assemblies

Celebrating a Great American Hero – Happy Birthday Ben Franklin!

Mobile Ed School Assembly Dog of the Month – Greyfriars Bobby

“Lincoln” Film Gathers Assembly of Twelve Academy Award Nominations

Steubenville, Ohio Rape Case Underlines Bullying Problem In US

The Future Cities Competition

Black History Month Program Ideas | School Assembly Programs

Michigan School Assembly Company Closing For The Holidays

Celebrating Black History With a School Assembly Program

Stronger Than a Bully School Show Leaves Great Impression In Indiana

In Memory of ...

Long Time Mobile Ed School Assembly Performer Retires

Remembering Pearl Harbor - Lamenting History Education

Second Semester School Assembly Ideas - Now Is The Time To Plan

New School Science Assembly Show Visits Indiana

Spielberg Lincoln Movie A Brilliant Teaching Tool

November School Assembly Dog of the Month Sgt. Stubby

Jackie Robinson And Teaching African American History In Schools

Anti-Bully School Assembly Programs: Is It Worth It?

Hurricane Sandy Devastates Eastern Seaboard - Climate Change?

Bully Awareness Week In Schools And Bullying Programs

Facebook, Newsweek And School Assemblies

Traveling With Tools - School Show Performers On The Road

Everyone's Talking About Mobile Ed School Shows!

Saving Money On School Assemblies - The Power Shopper!

School Assemblies For Catholic Schools Week

Columbus Day, School Holidays and Timely Assembly Programs

A Big Day In History! A Perfect School Assembly!

Promoting School Funding With School Assembly Programs

Mobile Ed Brings Great School Shows To Minnesota!

Another Quick Review - Mobile Ed Productions’ The No Bully Zone

Making The Most of School Shows and School Assemblies

Abraham Lincoln, The Battle of Antietam and School Assemblies

Mobile Ed September School Assembly Dog Of The Month

Strong Reviews For Mobile Ed Productions’ Stronger Than a Bully

Midwest Back to School Assembly Deals - Limited Time

School Assemblies – A Waste of Time?

School Assembly Super Market Sizzles In Skokie!

School Assembly Guide – What Is A School Assembly?

Battle of Fallen Timbers - School Show Tells The Other Side

Michigan Mardi Gras – Why We Tour With School Assemblies

Kentucky Invaded Again! (This Time With School Assemblies)

The Best School Assemblies In Chicago All in One Place!

Announcing Another New Anti Bullying School Assembly for 2012-2013

Great New School Assemblies For Colorado in 2012-2013

Baseball, Bullying and Badminton - School Shows And Good Character

Twenty Five Years of Abraham Lincoln School Assemblies

School Assemblies and Summer Science Camps

Mobile Planetariums – Not All School Shows Are Created Equal

Mobile Planetarium In Schools Launchs Imaginations Into Orbit

Mobile Ed Visits Kentucky Administrators Conference (KASA)

Reading, Education, and Abraham Lincoln School Shows

Mobile Planetarium Grabs Great Reviews From Libraries!

Plato, Playtime and School Shows

Georgia On My Mind! School Shows For The Peach Tree State!

School Shows Are Big Hit With Principals At OAESA Conference

Mobile Ed Visits OAESA Conference in Sandusky, Ohio!

A Happy Fathers Day Story From your School Assembly Company

School Assembly Pricing Announcement for 2012-2013

Announcing September Savings on School Assemblies!

Mobile Ed’s Helpful Hints (Not About School Assemblies - Shhh!)

Ray Bradbury, Reading, And Teaching With School Assemblies

Science Assemblies and Summer Fun - Teachable Moments

Caramel Frappuccino And Financing A School Assembly

German Battleships, Memories, and School Assemblies.

National Unity and The Living Abraham Lincoln School Assembly

School Assembly Road Warriors And Happy Coincidences

Understanding Science and History - School Shows That Help

Ideas For School Assemblies - Science Assemblies

Mark Twain Visits Michigan - School Assembly in Dearborn

Joining The War Against Bullying - Three New Bullying Assemblies!

ANZAC Day, History and School Assembly Ideas

Announcing a New Bullying School Assembly From Mobile Ed Productions!

The Treasure Of The Six Traits – New Writing School Show Announced!

New School Shows for Texas, California, Colorado and Parts West!

Our Constitution, the Founding Fathers and School Assemblies

Stem Education Coalition and Science Assemblies

Baseball Opening Day and School Assemblies

School Assemblies and School Shows – It Pays To Check Around!

Summer Reading Program Discovers Joy of Inflatable Planetariums

New Bullying Movie: Join The Fight

Another New School Science Assembly Program For 2012-2013!

Collaborative Summer Library Program Participation Growing

Books Made The Man: New “Reading” School Assembly

Michigan School Assembly Program Anniversary!

Ben Franklin School Assembly “Electrifies” Students in Indiana

Anti Bully School Assembly Schedule Filling in for 2012-2013!

New Emphasis On Science Assemblies in 2012-2013 School Year

School Assemblies and School Shows for 2012-2013 Now Available

Leaping Into Next Year - School Assembly Ideas For 2012-2013

Tragedy in Ohio - Bullying to Blame?

Mobile Ed School Assemblies – Dog of the Month

The End of The Dark Ages / Education Through School Assemblies

That Little Old School Assembly Company From Michigan At It Again!

Presidents Day and School Assemblies

Igniting A New National Passion Through School Science Shows

No Child Left Behind and School Assembly Ideas

School Assembly Ideas? Check Our March Specials!

Elementary School Assembly Ideas - It Is Time To Start Thinking!

Native American Assembly Program Visits Warsaw, Indiana!

School Assembly Dog of the Month - Uggie!

Technology For Kids – Teaching Television With Schools Assemblies

Celebrating a Birthday! School Assemblies from Michigan

January in Native American History - School Assembly Visits Chicago

A Few Reviews from Mobile Ed Productions in California

Stronger Than a Bully School Assembly Prepares for 2012-2013

Science Assemblies For This Year And Next Year And Beyond

Sky Dome Portable Planetarium A Big Hit in California Schools!

New Science Assembly Rocks – Film At Eleven!

New Jersey School Assemblies Rock in The MLK Birthday!

School Shows, School Assemblies and Ghosts of the Past!

Columbus and The Mermaids - School Shows Walking The Line!

Mobile Ed Productions Reviews - MLK School Assembly

School Assembly Dog Of The Month - The Family Dog

Assembly Ideas For Election Year 2012

Martin Luther King School Assemblies and Procrastination

Library Shows For Kids - CSLP Theme for 2012!

A Christmas Message From Mobile Ed Productions

End Of The Year Ideas for Assemblies for Elementary Schools

A School Assembly Christmas Carol

Elementary School Assemblies and Cub Scout Blue And Gold Banquets

Saving Money on School Shows for Schools On A Budget!

2012 Will Be A Great Year For School Science Assemblies !

California Schools and Middle School Assemblies

Elementary School Shows and Teaching Kids To Love History

Great School Assemblies For Middle Schools

New Jersey School Assemblies - Great Holiday Deal for January!

Special Chicago School Assembly Offer For The Holidays!

There Are School Shows And Then There Are School Shows!

School Shows to Break Up The Winter Blahs!- Thinking Beyond December!

Cyber Monday, Presents and What is Good For Kids (School Assemblies!)

Michigan School Assembly Performers and Family Holidays

School Assemblies Dog of the Month - Bo (The Diplomat Dog)

Stronger Than A Bully School Assembly Welcomed Back In Ohio Schools

Mobile Ed Productions Reviews - “Rojo” and Inspector Iwannano

Thanksgiving Holidays, Kids and School Shows

Young Authors Day School Assembly - Review

School Assembly Reviews - Mike and “The Earth Balloon”

Piankeshaw Trails Native American School Assembly Rocks Ohio!

Veterans Day, Educational School Assemblies and “Earning it”

Anti Bully School Assembly Gets Rave Reviews in New Jersey Schools!

Midwest School Assembly Performers Coming Home For The Holidays!

Midwest School Assemblies Performer Makes Good In Maryland!

Science Assembly Performer Returns to Illinois

Happy Spooky Halloween School Assemblies

International Magic Week and School Assemblies

Live Animals And Kentucky School Assemblies

Texas School Assemblies - Teaching Writing And Good Character

New Jersey School Assemblies and National Character Counts Week

Exotic Animals on the Loose in Ohio - Live Animal School Assemblies

Mobile Ed Productions School Assembly Reviews - New Jersey

School Assembly Dog Of The Month - Shelters

Detroit Science Center In Trouble - Michigan Science Assemblies Help!

1492 - Columbus Day and Native American School Assemblies

New Jersey School Assemblies - A Very Special Treat!

National Character Counts Week - Inspector Iwannano School Assembly

The Chemistry of Success - School Science Assembly Programs

School Assembly Programs - Resident Performers In Illinois

School Assembly Programs - Tours Versus Local Performers

Losing The Space Race? - School Science Assemblies To The Rescue

The Return Of Mark Twain! - Great School Assembly Returns to Touring!

Supporting The Curriculum With Strategically Placed School Assemblies

Stronger Than a Bully School Assembly Returns to Midwest Schools

New School Assembly September Newsletter Coming Soon!

Reviews Are In - New Science Assembly Is A Hit!

Middle School Assembly Ideas - Connecting With The Tough Years

Stronger Than a Bully School Assembly Visits New Jersey!

Illinois School Assemblies That Make Kids Smile and Laugh

Mobile Ed Productions September Dog of the Month - Hawkeye

Counterintuitive Education - School Assemblies and Learning

Illinois School Assembly Showcase - Wow, What Fun!

School Assembly Showcase Just Days Away! See You In Skokie!

Good Review For California Summer Camp and School Assemblies

School Science Assemblies Put The Fun Into Learning!

Still More Mobile Ed Productions' Bullying Program Reviews

More reviews for Mobile Ed Productions Newest School Assembly Program

Mobile Ed Productions Reviews for Science Assemblies

Mobile Ed Productions' Stronger Than A Bully Getting Great Reviews!

Illinois School Assemblies - September Special Now Available!

Special September Offer on Anti Bullying School Assembly!

Michigan Science Assemblies and The Way Kids Learn

Indiana State Educational Standards and School Assemblies

School Assembly Dog of the Month for August - Cairo!

School Assemblies and Academic Standards - Ohio Social Studies

School Assembly Showcases - Come to Chicago!

A Perfect School Assembly For Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquets!

Announcing a Second Great New Anti Bullying School Assembly

Illinois School Assemblies - Finding The Right Show

Character Counts Except On The Internet!

School Shows and Science Assemblies from Michigan

Crime Scene Science School Assembly Visits East Coast in 2011!

School Assembly Site Dog Of The Month For July

Stronger Than a Bully School Assembly is Selling Out!

Global Warming, School Shows and Hell-Benders!

School Science Assemblies and the Future of Space Exploration

Character Counts To Start The Year in Schools

Library Shows and Keeping Kids Involved Over the Summer

Independence Day! - School Enrichment and Tomorrows Technology

School Enrichment Programs- Many Ways to Support and Bolster Learning

California School Assemblies - Great Actor, Great New School Assembly

Library Programs and Library Shows - Encouraging Kids To Read!

Portable Planetarium Tours in Michigan, Ohio and Midwestern Schools

Chicago School Assemblies - Character Counts in Algonquin, Illinois!

School Assemblies, Old Friends, and Our Environment

School Assembly Site Dog of the Month for June

New School Science Assembly for Texas Schools!

The Best School Assembly Ever! Recommended School Shows!

California School Assemblies Teach Kids That Writing is a Blast!

Michigan School Assemblies - Imported From Michigan

School Assemblies Return to Utah - The Earth Dome in Salt Lake!

California School Assemblies - Character Counts for 2011-2012!

School Assemblies in Colorado - The Earth Balloon Visits The Rockies

"Stronger Than a Bully" School Assembly Comes to Texas This Winter!

“Stronger Than a Bully” School Assemblies in New Jersey

Illinois Schools Love Rojo’s School Assemblies!

School Assemblies Chase Away the Summertime Blues!

School Assemblies and Exotic Pets Part 2

School Assemblies and Exotic pets

Memorial Day and Celebrating History Through School Assemblies

Midwest School Shows Performer Loves Ohio Schools!

Retiring Principals and Ohio School Assemblies

The Earth Balloon and Midwest School Assemblies - Saving Money!

Raccoons, Creativity and School Assemblies

Museum Memory Day/ School Assemblies Bring The Museum To You

Important School Assembly Announcement - May Dog of the Month!

End of an Era - Space Shuttles, The Earth Balloon and The Sky Dome

Internet Freedom, Education and School Assemblies

Dams, and Animals and School Assemblies

Science Assemblies and Inventing The Future

Earth Balloon and Adding the “Wow” Factor to Science Education

Dog And Pony Shows - Vaudeville and Science Assembly Programs

6 Degrees Of Separation - Super Heroes And Science Assemblies

“Teaching to the Test” and School Assemblies

Live Animal School Assemblies - Like a Visit From The Zoo!

Texas School Assemblies and “The End Of The World”

Ohio and Indiana History - School Assemblies in the Midwest

Our Little Planet, Earth Day and Science Assemblies 2011

Important School Assembly Announcement - Dog of the Month!

Solar Power, Windows and School Science Assemblies

Space Stations, Hurricanes and Portable Planetarium School Shows

Science Museums, Google, Learning and School Assemblies

The Day Lincoln Died - Movies and School Assemblies

Interstellar Telescopes and School Science Assemblies

School Assemblies, Abraham Lincoln, and “A New Birth of Freedom”

School Assemblies and State Standards - Sky Dome Planetarium

Dad's Girl Enters The School Assembly Business

Lions and Tigers and Science Assemblies - Oh My!

School Assemblies - Visiting Hours are Open!

New Anti-Bullying School Assembly Selling Out Quickly!

New Jersey Science Assemblies - Rojo Visits Packanack Elementary!

Science Assemblies, Science Fairs and a Vision of the Future

Native American Woodland Indians - A New School Assembly

Mobile Ed’s The Magic of Science School Assembly Is In The News

Announcing Our New Anti-Bullying School Assembly

A New Science Assembly That is More Than Just Hot Air

A Great School Assembly Performer is Headed for Texas!

Three Decades of School Assemblies - A Midwest Success Story!

Earth Balloon in The News - School Assemblies in Pennsylvania

Texas School Assemblies - What is Coming in 2011-2012

Ohio School Assemblies in the News-A Great School Assembly Performer

Wisconsin School Assemblies - Announcing Scheduling for 2011-2012

Indiana School Assemblies - Announcing Scheduling for 2011-2012

Japan, Earthquakes, Nukes, School Assemblies - Preparing the Future

Virginia School Assemblies - Announcing Scheduling for 2011-2012

Pennsylvania School Assemblies - Announcing Scheduling for 2011-2012

Kentucky School Assemblies - Announcing Scheduling for 2011-2012

Maryland School Assemblies - Announcing Scheduling for 2011-2012

Midwest School Assembly Programs in Michigan-Geoff visits Sanborn Elementary

School Assemblies, Wisconsin and Japan – Using Teachable Moments

California School Assemblies - Announcing Scheduling for 2011-2012

Illinois School Assemblies - Announcing Scheduling for 2011-2012

Michigan School Assemblies - Announcing Scheduling for 2011-2012

Ohio School Assemblies - Announcing Scheduling for 2011-2012

Chicago School Assemblies - Announcing Scheduling for 2011-2012

New York School Assemblies - Announcing Scheduling for 2011-2012

New Jersey School Assemblies - Announcing Scheduling for 2011-2012

Texas School Assemblies - Announcing Scheduling for 2011-2012

New England School Assemblies - Announcing Scheduling for 2011-2012

Midwest School Assemblies - Announcing Scheduling for 2011-2012

School Assemblies in Michigan Make For Great Summer Science Camps

Midwest School Assemblies in Kentucky - Rojo Visits Bowling Green

New School Assemblies for 2011-2012 - Rumors and Whispers

New York, Robert Pirtle and his Martin Luther King School Assembly

School Assemblies and School Assembly Programs for 2011-2012

How To Find a Great School Assembly

Midwest School Assembly Performer Acts Out in Pennsylvania

School Assemblies - Teaching Kids Every Single Day

The Birth Of A School Assembly Program

Texas School Assemblies - Shhhhh! Something Great is Coming!

Midwest School Assemblies - Shhhhh! Something Great is Coming!

Earth Balloon and the Girl Scouts - New Jersey School Assemblies

Science Assemblies in Space - Planetariums Reaching For The Stars

Midwest Schools Struggle With Science - Science Assemblies Can Help

Libya - Current Events and the Earth Balloon School Assembly

Ohio School Assemblies - Ohio School Shows The World of Chemistry!

Illinois School Assemblies - Ben Franklin Visits Roxana

School Assemblies in Jail - Try Not To Get Arrested!

School Shows, School Assemblies and Bad Winter Road Conditions

Snow Days for School Shows Need for May School Assemblies

School Assemblies in Elementary School Shows How Television Works

School Assemblies in Ohio School Shows Students How Earth is Changing

Texas School Assemblies - Just Do the Math!

School Year Extended? School Assembly Bargains in May

Ohio School Shows How It Is Done - Portable Planetariums in the Ohio

School Assembly Planning - Next Year Starts Soon!

Ohio School Assemblies Show Why Character Counts

Texas School Assemblies and Ben Franklin

Egypt, Tunisia and School Assemblies - Teaching Current Events

California School Assemblies - Living the West Coast Dream

School Assemblies Celebrating Thomas Edison’s Birthday

Midwest School Assemblies - This snow isn’t so bad!

Earth Balloon Rocks Ohio - Earth Science School Assemblies

New Jersey School Assemblies and the Boy From Long Island

New Jersey School Assemblies - A Great Performer and a Great Show!

Ohio School Assemblies - The Art of Saving Money!

Super Bowl Sunday – Sports and School Assemblies

Earth Balloon and Teaching World Events - Egypt Today

The Blizzard of 2011 - Understanding Weather with The Earth Balloon

Flooding in Australia – International News and The Earth Balloon

Earth Balloon in Space - Seeing Our Planet Differently

A “Sputnik Moment” - Science Assemblies and Astronomy

Deja Vu All Over Again - Great School Assembly Performers

One Humbling Experience - School Assemblies and Library Shows

Library Shows - A Great Way To Get Kids To The Library

Blizzards In The Midwest - Reschedule That School Assembly!

School Assemblies - Entertainment for Blue and Gold Banquets

Midwest School Shows - An Old Friend Returns!

Midwest School Assembly - Celebrate Women’s History Month

School Budget Cuts - School Assemblies Pick Up The Slack

Snow Days - Great for kids, Bad for School Show Performers

Get To Know Your History! - School Assemblies and State Standards

Martin Luther King School Assemblies - A Remarkable Performer!

Extinction - Animals, the Environment and School Assemblies

Black Holes and Science Assemblies

Science Assemblies and Science Fairs - A Perfect Fit!

Happy New Year! - School Shows to Start the Year

What's in a Name? - A School Assembly By Any Other Name...

Bounders and Cads – School Shows to Avoid

School Assemblies - Christmas Holidays

Midwest School Assemblies and Toma the Mime

Ohio School Assemblies and The Earth Balloon

Mobile Ed Now on Hubpages!

Whiteout! - School Assemblies and Bad Weather

Bodyworks - School Assembly Programs that Promote Good Health

School Assemblies - News from the Road

School Assemblies - An Antidote to Winter Blues

Thanksgiving - School Assembly Programs to Promote Holidays

Science Assemblies and State Standards - Physical Science

Science Assembly Programs and State Standards Part 2

School Assemblies and State Standards - Skydome Planetarium

School Assemblies in the Midwest - A Veteran Performer!

School Assemblies - Searching for the Right Program

Supporting Social Studies in Ohio through School Assemblies

Daylight Savings Time - Ben Franklin School Assembly Program

Science Assemblies - It’s been a long road!

Elementary, Mr. Watson! - School Assemblies for Different Ages

Career Choices and Film in Michigan - School Assemblies that help!

School Assembly Programs to help make sense of a changing world.

Sports and Motivation – School Assemblies that Motivate!

Let’s Blow Something Up! - School Assemblies Featuring Science

Field Trips - School Assemblies eliminate the cost and the hassle!

Learning to Be Lincoln - School Assemblies for Presidents Month

School Assemblies on a Budget

Bodyworks ! - Robert Pirtle has a killer School Assembly Program!

Kathleen Day and The Earth Dome - School Assemblies in the Midwest

Recession Buster! - School Assemblies you can afford!

Hard Times for Schools - Assembly Programs on a Budget

Curriculum based programs - School Assemblies that help with testing!

School Assembly Showcase Skokie – Update from today’s show!

School Assemblies in Chicago this week! Don't miss out!

School Assemblies - Types of Performers

School Assembly - The Dream Keeper

School Assemblies – Meet Me in Skokie, Illinois!

School Assemblies - Geographical Ignorance in the U.S.

School Assemblies - The power to move children's minds!

School Assemblies - How it all got started!

School Assemblies - Something Different!

School Assembly Performers - Michael Carrell

School Assembly Performers - An Unexpected Bonus!

School Assemblies - Lincoln Levity

School Assemblies - Hands On Activities

School Assemblies - Career Choices

School Assemblies - Family Nights

Mobile Ed at KASA - Meeting in Louisville

School Assemblies - Seasonal Programs

Thomas Edison Assemblies and the Future of America

School Assemblies - Animal Programs

Elementary School Assemblies - Human Anatomy / Drug Free

School Assemblies - Technology Programs

Assembly Programs - African American History

Assembly Programs - Environmental Shows

Character Counts, Self Esteem and Bullying Programs

School Assemblies - Astronomy

School Assemblies - What Can I Afford?

School Assemblies - A Funny Thing Happened

Authors and School Assembly Programs

OAESA and The Earth Dome (The Earth Balloon)

School Assemblies - Types and Themes - History

School Assemblies - Types and Themes - Science

School Assemblies: Who Wants What?

School Assemblies - Principals

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