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Explore the Universe of Music at Your Library This Summer

Posted on Thu, May 16, 2019

This summer, bring a universe of stories to your students’ ears, and get your library rocking with our World Music Tour program!  Join seasoned children’s presenter Guy Louis as he transports your group around the world in this dynamic, interactive 40-minute musical program.

Learn all about instruments and music from around the entire globe, through India, Africa, Europe, and the Americas of both past and present.  Some of the instruments include traditional drums, shakers, a lute, a sitar, a tamboura, and even an electric guitar to bring it all home.

A showcase of several world instruments -- even an electric guitar!

Not only will Guy introduce and demonstrate over a half-dozen instruments, but he will also involve up to fifty students at once in his concert - wow!  He will have all of your guests dancing and singing along, no matter how shy you may have thought they were.  Guy has a simply amazing way with people - there's no other way to say it.  

World Music Tour will get your kids on their feet!

Through active learning and participation, kids get to learn about the music and stories of cultures a world away from their own and have a great time in the process.  Take our harmonious journey around the world, and discover a whole universe of stories right here on Planet Earth!

This has been Guy Louis’s most popular in-school enrichment assembly program for 30 years! Students learn about different cultures and traditions as they hear and participate in various music from around the world. It is an enrichment presentation that encourages an understanding and appreciation of diversity.

World Music Tour is also available as a Family Concert.  Bring your families out for a special evening, fundraising event, or celebration with Guy Louis as the musical entertainment!

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