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A New Fan-Favorite Virtual Assembly: Celestial Voyage

Posted on Mon, Jun 6, 2022

A New Fan-Favorite Virtual Assembly: Celestial Voyage


Mobile Ed's Celestial Voyage


Mobile Ed began offering Virtual Programs in 2020 when the health and safety of our community took priority. Our team got to work on redesigning all of our well-loved programs to be adapted for a virtual environment so students wouldn’t have to fall behind and educators could have more resources. Though we now offer many virtual programs, our educators are quickly developing a favorite: Celestial Voyage


Celestial Voyage is an exciting virtual presentation, hosted by a live presenter who will captivate your students through their screens and answer all of their questions about space. Your students will embark on an astronomical adventure, flying and zooming through the stars with their host to unlock knowledge of ancient cultures and the techniques they used for telling the time, direction, stories, and more! Over 88 fascinating constellations, ancient cultures, and modern technologies will no doubt have your students glued to their seats and screens and excited to learn!


Celestial Voyage is easily adapted to any age level, whether you have kindergartners or high-level astronomy students who need to bring their studies to life. Our virtual programs can be adjusted for length but usually last 30-40 minutes and are typically completed over Zoom. 


Mobile Ed’s Celestial Voyage program teaches students: 

  • The origins of astronomy
  • How ancient cultures studied the night sky
  • The Glass Lens Revolution
  • Lunar and Solar cycles
  • The Scientific Method
  • Finding important fixtures in the night sky
  • Constellations of multiple ancient cultures
  • And fully customizable for your students’ or school’s needs!



We have seen both students and educators amazed by our programs as well as an overall increase in virtual programs in schools, and we know exactly why: they are safe, convenient, and educational—and for a fraction of the price! Mobile Ed continues to offer our programs virtually to meet educators where they are while maintaining our standard of high-quality education through entertainment. View our long list of virtual programs here


Benefits of virtual assemblies include:  

  • Accessibility to all educational facilities
  • Can accommodate a larger audience
  • All students have a front-row seat to the program
  • Allows for more flexible scheduling


For more information, call us at 800-433-7459 or send us a message any time at We can’t wait to connect with you!

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