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Posted on Thu, Jul 1, 2010

Assembly Ideas - Going GreenOur Changing Climate

More and more, schools and teachers are trying to introduce students to the ways in which our planet is changing. If you are looking for ideas for school assembly programs, there are many alternatives available in this area, from programs dealing with climate change, to recycling, to the deforestation of the rain forests and on and on. 

And many techniques are being used by entertainers and educators to get this information across. As with science programs one must beware the “magic show in drag”, as many programs are only a veneer of science spread over a entertainers regular “act”. But even allowing for that, there are many fine programs available for teaching about planet earth.

inflatable earth balloon

 If you are interested in a jaw dropping experience you might want to consider The Earth Dome. This is a giant, inflatable planet earth which sets up in your gym for the day and allows students an unparalleled view of the planet because the entire skin is composed of high level NASA photography. Several companies offer this program though most use the name Earth Balloon. Be advised there is a vast difference in price charged between different companies, so be sure to make sure you do not pay too much! 

Our Changing Climate Another option is available to you in presentational assemblies that focus on climate change, or the effects of environmental changes on wild animal populations.

animal school assemblies

No matter which way you opt to go, in times like these when we are witnessing the oil spill in the gulf, and the effects of greenhouse gases on the atmosphere, it certainly is a good use of time to make students aware of these issues through a school assembly

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