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Supporting Social Studies in Ohio through School Assemblies

Posted on Thu, Nov 4, 2010

Many states focus their 4th Grade curriculum on elements of their own state history. This gives the savvy coordinator of school assembly programs some great options! For example, in Illinois, Indiana or Kentucky a perfect subject for an assembly program is, of course, Abraham Lincoln. Ohio school assembly programsBut with a little scholarship and a little digging, you can get some great ideas for school assembly programs at your school by perusing the content standards for your state. They are usually found quite easily these days on the web site for your state’s Board of Education.

I just pulled up the web site for the Ohio Department of Education, fished around a little, and found all the content standards for grades K-8. Looking into Grade 4 I found this:

:”To better understand the influence of Ohio on the growth and development of the United States,students need to recognize the significance of Ohio inventions in communication, technology, and transportation.”

It goes on to list a variety of inventions credited to Ohioans.

school assembly program   edison2
Well, a studious observer would note immediately that many of these inventions are credited to Thomas Alva Edison (born in Ohio!). And a creative coordinator of school assembly programs would note that it is quite easy to enlist the services of a professional actor, schooled in portraying Mr. Edison, for just the purpose of educating young Ohioans about his life and contributions to American life!

And similar characters are to be found to support the history and social studies requirements for most states. 

So if you are looking for school assemblies in Ohio or elsewhere, and are seeking some good ideas, school assembly program   edison1

take a lesson from Thomas  Edison, show a little invention, and you may turn up some really great contributions yourself!

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