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Ideas For School Assemblies - Science Assemblies

Posted on Mon, May 14, 2012

science assembly ideas 5 14 resized 600Wow! I just read an article I found fascinating! In China they are working on a chemical treatment for clothing. Why is that interesting? Because this treatment would allow clothing to be “cleaned” by simply hanging in the sun. Cool, huh?

As an avid backpacker, I am always interested in anything that might reduce the ... shall we say ... aroma? that begins to permeate a backpacker after several days on the trail. Modern synthetic fabrics have done a lot in allowing shirts to wick away moisture, but many of these same shirts, once they absorb bacteria, never really lose the stench even after washing. Some companies have now made advances in fabrics treated with anti-microbial chemicals that are supposed to kill the bacteria which causes the smell. And this is great news! But, for a backpacker, the idea of a shirt you can simply hang in the sun at the end of the day and have the sunlight kill the bacteria while it dries out the moisture is, well, spectacular! Self cleaning clothing! Wow! (

Science is amazing! And, when presented well, kids find it super cool! Which is why professionally produced and performed school science assemblies are the perfect solution for those seeking ideas for school assemblies. Sure, clowns are fun, but so is science! Magicians have a certain “wow” factor, but so do science assemblies. Authors? Well, they are usually way overpriced, and often boring live. Science assemblies are definitely not boring!

We were recently working on a new experiment-demonstration for our new chemistry assembly, and we were trying to find exactly the right balance of chemicals to produce the right result in performance, and we mixed some of the components in amounts that were not balanced quite correctly... just to see what would happen. Heh, heh. We ended up with a huge yellow stain on the ceiling! Ha! It was cool! And it is going to be a really great demonstration! (we promise we will leave no stains on your ceiling!)science assemblies

This year Mobile Ed is really pouring on the science! We are introducing seven new school shows for 12-13, and four of the seven are science programs! From physical science to chemistry, hands on science excitement to live animals, all the elements have been assembled. We feel this is a very important area, and we wish to support it with the best science assemblies and science school shows you can find anywhere. We now have fourteen different school math and science assemblies available from which elementary and middle schools may choose! Five new within the last year!

If you are looking for school assembly ideas, and elementary school assembly programs or middle school shows, Mobile Ed Productions has you covered! We may not clean up with sunlight, but your kids may be inspired to become the scientists that create the next big breakthrough in science! And that would be really cool!

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