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Strange Noises In The Backroom – School Assemblies On The Way

Posted on Mon, Feb 25, 2013

New Ideas For School AssembliesShhhhh!

Can you hear it?

Listen very carefully ….

Well, maybe you can't hear it where you are, but it is certainly there.

It's the sound of Mobile Ed workers busily crafting a schedule for next year. And they are almost done!

Very, very soon we will have our new schedules for the 2013-2014 school year ready to release. Then, the waiting will be over!


If you missed a show you wanted this year, chances are we will have dates open for you for next year very soon.

And if you know what you want next year you will soon have the chance to grab the date you want!

Oh, but don't be too quick to decide...

There is something new coming. Uh huh.

Something really, really, really cool!

Something you are going to like.

Can't tell you what it is just yet...

Have to wait until next week.

But, just a hint...

Can you say STEM?

Heh, heh heh.

You are going to like this one!

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