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Bring a Robot to Your Classroom!

Posted on Mon, Jan 24, 2022

Students are rapidly adapting to a life where technology is constantly evolving, and according to Moore’s Law, it’s not stopping any time soon. Global X, an investment company, claims that due to low-interest rates, increasing labor costs, and delayed supply chains, there is high potential for “a huge surge in spending on robotics and artificial intelligence” in 2022, making this new year the “golden era” for new robotics. New technologies are not going anywhere but will become even more accessible to us and our students. Mobile Ed Productions, Inc. has an educational and entertaining robotics program that teaches students to learn about the robots operating all around them and enables them to experience them up close like they never have before. 


Mobile Ed Productions, Inc. and David Jack, a three-time Parents’ Choice Award-winning performer, have created a brilliant STEAM school assembly called Bot! The Secret World of Robots that will make your students curious about the technology in their own lives. Through audience participation, laugh-out-loud jokes, and curriculum-focused content, our performer will ignite the excitement of your elementary students and help them secure a fresh understanding of the technology around them. 


This assembly will teach your students: 

  • The definition of a robot
  • Ancient robots
  • Applications for robots in the real world
  • Computer and robot programming
  • How robots are used by the police, the military, and NASA
  • Drones and their impact on our world


Along with our performer, there’s another co-star in this program that we know your students will be ecstatic to meet: Cozmo, our virtual assistant! Cozmo will help our team present your audience with intriguing technologies and multimedia content while presenting many of the different types of robots we use today. In addition to a new curiosity for technology, students will also obtain a better understanding of how creativity works alongside math and science to create new robots. We often can’t make new advancements in technology without using our creative skills. 


Cozmo, the virtual assistant!


Our Bot! program is available in-person and virtually. Educators across the country have been raving about the high level of interest and engagement students have experienced during this program, both in-person and virtually. Here’s what Frank C Whiteley Elementary had to say about their experience with our virtual Bot! Program: 

"What an awesome show! We have used Mobile Ed before at our school, but never virtually. I was curious if the level of presentation and engagement would transfer over to a virtual program, and this program did not disappoint! The content was great for all ages, it was a great balance between the performer talking and example videos. All the kids loved it!"

Frank C Whiteley Elementary School, Hoffman, IL

Find out more information about our Bot! Program on our website and contact us with any questions you have. Our team is ready to help! 


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