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Build a Bubble Shooter | Summer Fun

Posted on Fri, Jun 30, 2017

We had so much fun with bubbles last week, we just had to have some more.  Today, Handy Dan is turning junk into fun, with another bubble activity -- a bubble shooter!

Watch this video to see Handy Dan teach you how to make an awesome bubble shooter!

Step 1: Gather your supplies

There are a few items you will need to make your bubble wand:

  • Duct tape or masking tape
  • Some straws, about 10-20
  • A jar of soapy water

Supplies for Bubble Shooter | Handy Dan the Junkyard Man | Mobile Ed Productions

Step 2: Gather the straws

Buch the straws together. Make sure they are all even with one another, and the same size.

Gather the straws | Handy Dan the Junkyard Man | Mobile Ed Productions

Step 3: Fasten the straws together with tape

Wrap duct tape or masking tape around the middle of the bunched straws. To ensure proper airflow through the straws, be sure not to wrap the tape around too tight so that the straws do not become pinched or closed.

Tape the Straws | Handy Dan the Junkyard Man | Mobile Ed Productions

Step 4: Dip the straws into the soapy water

Dip one end of the bunched straws into the soapy water, making sure the soapy water gets inside each and every straw.

Dip the Straws in Soapy Water | Handy Dan the Junkyard Man | Mobile Ed Productions

Step 5: Blow bubbles!

Find a good place to blow bubbles, perferably outside.

Take a deep breath, and gently blow through the bubble shooter!  Dip the end into the soapy water again and blow more bubbles!  Make dozens of bubbles simultaneously all at once and watch, amazed, as sky fills with bubbles!

Bubbles galore! | Handy Dan the Junkyard Man | Mobile Ed Productions

Bubbles! Bubbles galore!!

For a fun variation, add food coloring to make colored bubbles. Always ask your mom or dad before using food coloring because it can stain!

Check back again for more do-it-yourself projects from Handy Dan the Junkyard Man and Mobile Ed Productions!

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