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Building Up STEAM | DIY Activities and Experiments

Posted on Fri, Feb 2, 2018

Here are all seven videos in our Building Up STEAM series of DIY projects and activities for you and your kids, perfect for a rainy day, an in-school activity, or an after-school enrichment.  Make your own ice cream, levitate a ping pong ball, seemingly defy the laws of physics, and more!


In case you missed out, here's all seven videos in our Building Up STEAM series!  All you need are some common household items and an afternoon.  Take a look at all the fun you could be having right now in these short, entertaining videos complete with step-by-step instructions.

Levitating Ping Pong Ball Levitating Ping Pong Ball
Water Cycle in a Bag! Water Cycle in a Bag
Homemade Hovercraft Homemade Hovercraft
Pencil Poke Trick Pencil Poke Trick
Water Density Rainbow Water Density Rainbow
Colors and Chemicals Colors and Chemicals
Do-It-Yourself Ice Cream Do-it-Yourself Ice Cream

We hope you will enjoy this series of DIY science activities for kids. We made these videos so you can bring a little field trip to your own home or classroom any day!

If you liked these videos, be sure to check out our other DIY project series, Handy Dan the Junkyard Man!  This fun show, geared towards lower elementary school students, is a great resource for any teacher, homeschool instructor, day care professional, or anyone else who needs to find activities for their little ones.


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