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More Than Just School Assemblies

Posted on Wed, Sep 23, 2015

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Mobile Ed Productions has made a name for itself by providing outstanding educational (and entertaining!) assembly programs to schools nationwide...but schools are not the only type of venue we service.  Take a look at all of the other ways you're able to make use of our wide range of programs!

CelestialVoyage_Mario2Elementary School Assemblies

We have performed at elementary schools more than any other location, so I suppose you could say we're something of an expert on K-6 assembly presentations.  Our performers have years of experience working with kids, even the little, little ones, and our shows' content is in-line with current education standards.  You can feel comfortable hosting any of our assembly programs for an elementary school audience.

Take a look at the shows we best recommend for elementary schools.


Middle School Assemblies

While all of our programs are created with elementary schools in mind, the majority of them can be adapted to suit the attention, attitude and standards of a middle school crowd.  Areas that are introduced and touched-on for an elementary audience are expanded and explained at a middle-school level.  All of our most popular programs, such as Sky Dome Planetarium, STEAM Museum, and Earth Dome are great fits for middle schools, as are our living historical presentations.

Check out the assemblies we recommend for a middle school audience.


MrPeace1High School Assemblies

We realize it can be hard to adjust a high school schedule to accommodate a school-wide assembly, but we make it worth the hassle.  There are many programs that can not only be adapted to suit high school students, but they are actually better for high schoolers!  Shows like Mr. Peace, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and The Living Lincoln play great for high schoolers as the performers are able to get into details and stories that wouldn't be appropriate for younger students.

See the shows we have available for high schools.


College and University Assemblies

Some of our programs are even siutable for a college audience!  Our west coast Sky Dome Planetarium has performed at several colleges and universities with a stepped-up presentation that will amaze and inspire your undergrads.  Our historical characters can also deliver their timeless messages to a college audience with the right blend of humor and information.

Take a look at the shows we offer for colleges and universities.


STEAM_Arch1Library and Museum Programs

Your library or museum is a perfect venue for a Mobile Ed program!  You can use our shows to not only give your patrons something special to see on a special occasion, you can use them as ticketed events for a fund raiser!  Let our entertaining and educational programs be the draw for any sort of special event you're hosting at your facility.

Here's a bunch of great programs you can host at your library or museum.


Family Nights and Fund Raisers

Our programs don't just have to play during school hours.  For an additional fee, you can schedule an extra performance or two for your students AND their families after school!  We've got your Ice Cream Social and Blue and Gold banquet entertainment needs taken care of.  You can also use a Mobile Ed program as the draw for a fund raiser!  Just schedule the performance, promote it using our photos and videos, and sell tickets at the door.

Check out this list of excellent educational and entertaining programs to host your family night or fund raiser.


email_Teacher_classEducational Grants

Worried about being able to afford a Mobile Ed program?  First, take comfort knowing that our prices are among the most competitive in the industry and we get a lot of clients that can't believe how little we charge for presentations of our caliber.  Second, we have provided you with a list of nearly 100 Federal and private grants you can use for educational supplement - including assembly programs!

Take a look at the educational grants available for you.


So there you have it!  Mobile Ed Productions has grown far beyond offering only elementary school assemblies.  If you run a venue not listed above, give us a call at 800-433-7459 and run it by us!  There's a good chance we have the perfect program for you.

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