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Music Maker | The Stations of STEAM

Posted on Wed, Oct 18, 2017

We're really putting the A in STEAM with the Music Maker!  This exhibit gets kids working together to create cool music without needing to know how to play an instrument.  Check it out!

While all of the stations at Mobile Ed's STEAM Museum incorporate each of the STEAM elements, we wanted to create one where we put the "art" above all else.  Say hello to the Music Maker!

How it Works

The Music Maker has three sides, each with an array of buttons.  Each side represents a different instrument.  One is drums, one is bass, and the other is a lead instrument.  The button on the top of the unit changes between music genres (rock, hip-hop, and electronic).


STEAM Museum's Music Maker has been designed to be intuitive, safe, and fun for kids of all ages!

The cluster of 6 buttons trigger different loops.  By holding the button, the loop continues to play.  Then, the musician is free to use their right hand to tap out one-shots using the isolated button.  These include sounds like cymballs, claps, and other flourishes to individualize their creations even more.


Kids using the Music Maker will have no click track and no hand-holding to get them started, but they won't need it!  The intuitive nature of the Music Maker's design appeals to kids young and old, and they instantly understand how to make it work...then their imagination takes it from there.  The Music Maker builds communication skills and teamwork as it is physically impossible to reach all of the buttons by yourself - you need to work together with others, like in a real band, to make music.

Get the band back together with the Music Maker and STEAM Museum at your school!

Check back again for more close looks at the various Stations of STEAM to see what you and your kids will be able to explore when you bring Mobile Ed's STEAM Museum to your school.

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