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A New Year, a New Way to Learn

Posted on Tue, Jan 2, 2024

New Year, New Assemblies to Experience (1)

As educators, we remain lifelong learners, so a new year calls for finding new and improved ways to educate the generations of tomorrow. Mobile Ed's mission is to help students become passionate learners by combining high-quality education with effective entertainment. This form of education meets students where they are and encourages students to be active participants in their education. 2024 is the year you'll want to make your lesson plan come to life with a Mobile Ed Assembly.

Over 40 years ago, Mobile Ed founder Larry Thompson knew there was a need to make his school lessons more enjoyable for his students and saw a lack of high-quality assemblies available for schools. Thompson saw the importance of finding innovative ways to teach school subjects while meeting education standards so he founded Mobile Ed Productions, Inc. to bring a little magic to his classroom.

After 40 years in business, Mobile Ed is still helping educators bring their lesson plans to life! We provide assembly programs to schools all across the country featuring every school subject: Science, Language Arts, History, and Character Development. You name it, we’ve got it! We've designed these programs to help educators meet curriculum requirements so you can check another box off your list.  

Not only do educators admire our programs, but students do too! Mobile Ed assemblies have become a student favorite because we turn lesson plans into experiences. Using audience participation, humor, and state-of-the-art technology, we easily get rid of boredom and help students develop a love for learning. Students participate on stage with our team members but also with each other through teamwork. Those lesson plans become a bit easier when we combine education with entertainment. 

The value of a student assembly goes far beyond student engagement or checking a requirement off a list. Each of our programs: 

      • Provides a positive environment for learning 
      • Offers new experiences not always available to students
      • Provides access to new technologies
      • Motivates students 
      • Demonstrates the excitement of learning
      • Makes educational concepts more memorable

Though all students should experience Mobile Ed magic for themselves, you don't have to take our word for it. Here's what educators have to say about our shows:


"This is the best presentation that I have seen in 30 years of educational presentations. He had the students in the palm of his hand."

- Monac Elem. School, Toledo, OH


"Marvelous! A+ This was absolutely the most exciting, well executed program our school has had the pleasure of hosting!"

- Holy Family School, Granite City, IL


"Students and staff were very complimentary and enthused. The performance was positive, informative and engaging for all ages."

- Project Primetime/Ash Creek Intermediate School, Monmouth, OR


But which program is right for your school? Learn about our bestselling programs below!

SkyDome Planetarium (K-8)

The SkyDome Planetarium is the coolest way to help students visualize outer space. Tour through outer space inside of our portable planetarium. Filled with facts about space, students will be in awe when they step inside the dome. This show is a must-see for all students!


Young Author’s Day (K-9)

There’s nothing out there like the Young Author’s Day program Mobile Ed offers. This workshop-style program brings a fresh new angle to teaching students about storytelling. Combining theater concepts with writing skills creates a unique experience that students don’t always have access to in their day-to-day schooling. 


STEAM Museum (K-6)

This show exposes students to different technologies that also show the relevance of science, technology, engineering, art, and math in the real world! This hands-on museum is set up right inside your gym and students have a blast as they explore each of our stations, learning new concepts and connecting with their peers. Students won’t stop talking about this one!


Quest for Kindness

Quest for Kindness (K-6)

This social-emotional learning/anti-bullying program gives young students a boost in learning about emotions and healthy coping mechanisms. This adventure-style program is so fun that students won’t even realize they’re learning!


Women in History (K-8)

Students learn about history as told by some of the most some of the most courageous and influential women in history. This program is an inspirational journey that spotlights women who changed the world!

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