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7 Ways to Celebrate President’s Day in Your Classroom

Posted on Mon, Feb 19, 2024

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What’s the best way to celebrate Presidents’ Day with students? Why do we celebrate it? Whether you plan to embrace the holiday in your classroom or don't have any plans yet, Mobile Ed is here to help. As educators, Presidents’ Day is a great opportunity to learn about the past, present, and future role of the president. Continue reading for seven exciting (and educational!) activities you can do with your students this week.

Celebrations of Presidents’ Day began in the 1880s when George Washington’s birthday was deemed a federal holiday. In 1977, the idea to rename the holiday to “Presidents’ Day” was introduced to include Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, which also occurred in February. We have used the new title for over 40 years as a day to reflect on important presidents from the past. 

Making Presidents Day an interactive day of learning gets students involved in their learning and can make learning more effective. They will one day be an active participant in society and government. and we can start preparing them today. It's what we do! By helping students think about the past, we’re better preparing them for the future. 


Here are seven exciting yet meaningful ways you can celebrate Presidents’ Day in your classroom: 

      • Hold a Mock Election. This is a simple yet effective activity to do with your students at any age level. Have your students host a mock election for something fun or for something important you've been discussing in class. Teaching students about the election process along the way.

      • Draw Presidential Portraits. Get creative! This easy activity lets students practice their artistic skills while drawing portraits of important presidents. This can help them better remember each president you discuss in class. 

      • Create a New Holiday. What do your students think is worth celebrating? Whether you take this very seriously or let your students have fun with it, students will have to think about their values, what's important to them, and what makes something worth celebrating. 

      • Write a Letter to the President. Writing a letter to the President encourages students to research issues they're passionate about. Students should describe what concerns them, why it does, and how they wish the president might address it. Students can also use email for this project.

      • Design a Dollar Bill. What would your students put on currency and why? Encourage students to get creative by letting them design their own dollar bills! This is a simple but engaging way to begin the conversation about currency in your class. 

      • Clean a Coin. Combine STEM principles with your social studies lesson by cleaning coins! Learn how to clean coins HERE using chemical reactions and materials found in your kitchen. This is another great way to start the currency conversation with your young students. 




Need more ways to expand your students’ knowledge of the American Presidents? Mobile Ed Productions, Inc. invites you and your students to experience the achievements of Abraham Lincoln in real life with our The Living Lincoln program. This 45-minute program is one of our most-loved historical programs that features a professional historical impressionist. Students will “travel” back in time to get a personal and exciting historical adventure they’ve never witnessed before. Students will receive expert knowledge of Lincoln's life and legacy told through first-person narrative to educate, inspire, and motivate the next generation. 

This program will teach students about

      • Lincoln's boyhood adventures
      • The Emancipation Proclamation
      • A summary of the 16th Presidency
      • Lincoln's assassination


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