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8 Things You Should Know About Mobile Ed Productions Programs

Posted on Mon, Sep 27, 2021

Mobile Ed Production’s mission from the beginning has been to deliver the highest quality of educational entertainment to private and public schools across the country. Since 1979, we have created over 40 popular educational assemblies for K-8 schools, and that number continues to go up. Though we value our transparency, affordability, and mobility, these values mean nothing to us without the high-quality educational and engaging content in our programs.

Just like the high standards for every Mobile Ed team member and performer, we keep these standards elevated when creating and developing new educational programs for schools. Much of our time and money is spent on program development each year - reinvesting what profit we make into our programs and performers to best serve you and your students. Our team is committed to delivering the most engaging and educational experiences possible for you, your staff, and your students, and that starts with our educators’ needs. Using our own experience as educators, we enhance and generate new programs based on curriculum requirements and relevance. Because of our strong program development process, we’ve earned thousands of raving reviews about our unique programs, and we challenge ourselves to keep them coming. Additionally, we welcome feedback and ideas for future programs to best suit your needs.

Here are 8 quick facts about Mobile Ed programs:

1. Programs Are Available in Every State
The Mobile Ed Productions team travels from coast to coast performing a variety of school assemblies every day. Although we visit every state, we may not have every program available in your region. Please visit our states we visit webpage to see what programs are available in which states or contact us about availability today!

2. Age-appropriate Programs
Our team develops programs designed for specific grade levels so that our assemblies have the most impact on your students. Our sales specialists and performers will discuss any special requests regarding content, delivery, and audience before the assembly. We prioritize you and your student’s needs and do our best to cater to them.

3. Meets Curriculum Requirements
Each program has been developed to meet curriculum guidelines for every school subject, including language arts, STEM/STEAM, Social Emotional Learning (SEL), history, physical education, and so much more! The majority of our programs meet general curriculum standards across the country and Common Core Standards for each state. Mobile Ed programs are available for a variety of different locations, cultures, and schools with specific curriculum limits. Connect with us to learn what standards we can meet for your school.

4. Only the Best Performers
Mobile Ed hires highly capable and screened performers to conduct our presentations across the country. Each performer is required to have a thorough FBI background check and must meet MEPI standards. You and your students will see only the best of presentations when it’s your turn for a Mobile Ed Productions assembly.

5. Top-notch Technology
The Mobile Ed team brings modern technology and equipment required to make your assembly as smooth as possible. If applicable, your Mobile Ed Productions Assembly could include realistic projections, high-end robotics, and 3D printing. Our programs have specific requirements which can be found in the details of each assembly on our website.

6. Regular Program Development
Our selection of programs has been developed based on school curriculum standards and demand across the country and includes relevance to modern-day culture and high levels of engagement for students. Programs are reviewed frequently by our developers to ensure that only the highest quality presentations are presented for your school.

7. Affordable Pricing
The Mobile Ed team values offering the most affordable and accessible educational school assembly programs, therefore our prices are affordable for all schools. Browse through our assembly options and contact us at (800-433-7459) with your queries! Our staff is ready to help with plenty of resources available for fundraising and acquiring grants to fund your Mobile Ed program.

8. Virtual Programs Available
We are proud to have added virtual assemblies to our huge library of programs after we identified a need and a large demand for those that are not yet able to have in-person school. With virtual programs, we can entertain and educate a larger audience of schools and students to meet a variety of needs all simultaneously! Click here to view our virtual assembly selection.

We take the development and the deliverance of our educational programs very seriously at Mobile Ed Productions. We have a variety of programs for many school subjects that we know will exceed your expectations. Our highly-rated programs are available to book for this upcoming school year now. Contact us or call us (800-433-7459) today to bring our well-known educational entertainment to your school.

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