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What is a School Assembly Program?

Posted on Fri, Jun 11, 2010

What is a School Assembly?

In essence, an Assembly Program is any kind of entertainment or educational performance or event that comes to the school for the benefit of the students. We all know about field trips. For many schools a field trip is not possible. Perhaps, the school is rural and there are few places of interest near enough to visit. Perhaps the transportation is too expensive. Or perhaps, especially in this day of the great God of State Mandated Testing, the school just cannot have them out of class long enough to go anywhere. For whatever reason, schools more and more look to presenters who can come to the school with interesting and enriching fare for the students. Presentations range from an actor dressed as Ben Franklin to a bunch of guys on BMX bikes, from a magician doing a scary/funny Halloween show to a group of musicians performing archaic Chinese songs of 19th century railroad builders, from a dazzling science program to a guy in a rabbit suit telling jokes about his kids and calling himself a self-esteem expert. Children's Theatre companies, bug experts, scuba divers, Civil War re-enactors, Spanish Dance companies, archeologists, authors of children's literature, portable planetariums, roller skating chipmunks singing songs to prevent bullying ...the list goes on and on. If you can imagine it then somewhere, at sometime, someone has probably done  a school show about it. Usually the programs fall somewhere along a line between pure entertainment at one end (jugglers, clowns, magicians) and dry, educational lectures at the other, with all manner of great stuff in between.


Geoff Beauchamp is the Regional Manager of Mobile Ed Productions where "Education Through Entertainment" has been the guiding principal since 1979. Mobile Ed Productions produces and markets quality educational school assembly programs in the fields of sciencehistorywritingastronomynatural sciencemathematicscharacter issues and a variety of other curriculum based areas. In addition, Mr. Beauchamp is a professional actor with 30 years of experience in film, television and on stage. He created and still performs occasionally in Mobile Ed's THE LIVING LINCOLN 


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