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Egypt, Tunisia and School Assemblies - Teaching Current Events

Posted on Sat, Feb 12, 2011

earth balloon school assemblies
Tunisia went thru a soft revolution recently and Egypt is still going through an historic upheaval in their government. Meantime Algeria is showing signs of fomenting unrest. And leaders in Saudi Arabia may themselves be worried by this tide of popular uprisings against unpopular leaders.

How do we teach kids about these events? What is the best way to relate these events in other nations to similar times of upheaval in the United States. How do we show them clearly where these events are happening in a manner they are likely to fully grasp.

Well, dear readers, it will come as no surprise to you that we find the answers to these questions to be simple. School Assemblies!earth balloon

To show where these soft revolutions are occurring, there is nothing better than a visit from our Earth Balloon school assembly The Earth Dome. With a globe some twenty feet tall, the scope and size of the planet is readily apparent, and pointing out locations of unrest is quite simple.

ben franklin school assembliesTo relate these events to our own history schedule a visit from Ben Franklin so kids can here first hand of the violent revolution that gave birth to this nation. Or a visit from Abraham Lincoln to discuss first hand the horrible rending of our nation in civil war. Putting world events into perspective through comparison to real historical events close to home is a great way to make both topics more clear in young minds.

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