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Mobile Ed's Most Popular Programs

Posted on Mon, Aug 8, 2022

Mobile Ed's Most Popular Programs 



Now, more than any generation before, teachers need to capture the attention of their students in spite of countless distractions like technology, phones, and friends. Founded by Elementary school teacher and magician Larry Thompson over 40 years ago, we have been helping educators keep students focused on and interested in their education in the most engaging and entertaining ways possible, using performance, props, latest technologies, and the arts, and more. Mobile Ed brings educational entertainment to facilities across the entire country to provide support for educators and smiles for all staff and students, but there are a few programs that people seem to love especially We’ve gone ahead and procured this list of some of our most popular assembly programs over the years.

Whether you have your own classroom or you are looking to provide an educational activity for your community, our curriculum-based programs can meet the needs of several grade levels, facilities, venues, and applications. Our catalog of assembly programs covers a variety of critical subjects, topics, lessons, and learning formats applicable to and catered to all ages so that there is always a program to fit your needs. Our team provides educational programs for schools and educational facilities across the country. 


Here is a list of some of Mobile Ed’s most popular programs:   



  • Earth Dome

Discover concepts of geology by taking a tour of our legendary Earth Dome! Students get to see the outside and inside of our top-quality, detailed inflatable replica of Earth. Experiencing this visual guide to Earth helps students remember geological and geographical concepts more clearly. This program covers topics such as continents, oceans, physical features, time zones, and latitude and longitude. Your students, no matter their age, will be awed when they first experience our 22-foot tall Earth Dome (and take a look inside it!). 


  • Forces and Motion

Physics is often a subject many students struggle to grasp. Take your physics lessons to the next level by bringing in our Forces and Motion program! This program will educate students about the Scientific Method, the 3 Laws of Motion, the Theory of Gravity, kinetic and potential energy, and the Law of Conservation of Energy. Students are continuously awed by the physics demonstrations our team puts on for students!


  • The Magic of Science

Is your classroom filled with a tough crowd when it’s time for science? Our Magic of Science program has been showing students across the country the importance and the magic of the science that’s working all around them. The demonstrations found in this program are filled with a variety of science concepts and allow students to participate in the magic of science with their classmates. 


  • SkyDome Planetarium

Many students find outer space fascinating, but have they experienced it up close? The Mobile Ed SkyDome allows us to bring your students an inspiring view of outer space right to your classroom. Navigate through stars, planets, and the galaxy with our team while learning concepts such as astrology, Greek mythology, technology, and our solar system. We love seeing how science can bring smiles to students’ faces by taking a quick trip through space!


  • Stand Up, Stand In, Stop Bullying

Not only is this program one of our most popular ones, but it is one of our most powerful. Bullying can plague the hallways of our schools, but Mobile Ed has been making a difference by designing a program that helps young students understand bullying, its effects, and how to stop and prevent it. Though this program includes one of our more serious topics, our team uses interactive activities, music, games, movement, and a virtual assistant to make the topic of bullying easier to comprehend and therefore make a larger impact in our students' communities. 



  • STEAM Museum

We know that students learn the most when they are focused and engaged. Science projects are some of the best ways to get students’ attention, but they are not always safe to conduct themselves. The STEAM Museum allows students to learn about principles of STEAM in a personal, interactive setting. With 12 stations, students get time at each one to discover new STEAM concepts. The STEAM Museum has activities and concepts suited for students of all ages. 


Have questions? Give us a call at 800-433-7459 to speak with our team. For more information about these programs, visit the Mobile Ed website

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