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Full STEAM Ahead!

Posted on Wed, Aug 5, 2015

Three reasons you can't miss Mobile Ed's STEAM Museum this year
STEAM Museum Bike Generator


We have been offering hands-on workshops with our educational assembly programs for almost as long as we've been offering assembly programs, but none of them give students the science museum experience like STEAM Museum. Here are three exhibits your kids are going to be talking about long after they've gone back to their classrooms.

1.  Bike Generator

Mobile Ed has been fortunate enough to work with Rock The Bike to bring you the coolest bike generator system you've ever seen.  Riders pedal a stationary bike to generate electricity which illuminates a 10 foot tall tower of lights!  The tower is comprimsed mostly of low-energy LEDs, however at the top are high-wattage hallogen bulbs.  Students learn very quickly that it takes much more energy to light those incandescent lamps than the LEDs.  Suddenly switching your light bulbs over to LEDs makes a lot more sense, and maybe you'll listen when your parents tell you to turn off the lights after you leave the room.


2.  Robotics

This is kind of 3 exhibits in 1.  First, the most impressive robot on display at STEAM Museum is NAO, currently one of the most advanced humanoid robots ever made.  This $8,000 robot is unavailable to the general public but we've made it available to your students.  Watch in amazement as the robot stands up on its own, introduces itself, and demonstrates its abilities.  It's a truly inspiring piece of technology that just makes you think where things are going to be 5 years from now.

Then, there's the Big Trax programmable robots.  You may remember these moon-rover-like robots from your childhood.  Though an older design, these robots are still one of the best ways to introduce kids to robot programming.

Lastly, but certainly not least, we're excited to be offering a workstation dedicated to the 2015 Robot of the Year Winner, Ozobot!  This tiny robot is an expert line tracker, and even changes its color and behavior depending on what color lines it follows.  Take up your markers and draw up a fun maze or interactive game for the robot to participate in.

STEAM presenter explains 3D Printing3.  3D Printing

The future of manufacturing is your school!  We bring a functioning 3D printer to demonstrate how this amazing technology works.  The STEM presenter will introduce the concept to your students so they understand the layer-by-layer approach to additive 3D printing before they step up to the display to watch for themselves how a 3D file on a computer can be made real two feet away.

Then, we also have a gallery of pre-printed 3D objects showing what is possible with 3D printing including machine parts, prototypes, toys, game pieces, functional parts, and more!

Some of this education is literal, spelled-out and posted on colorful signage deployed throughout the museum, but most of the learning comes from hands-on interaction and up-close observation - some good design of our own.

Watch this video showcasing Mobile Ed's STEAM Museum:

Seamlessly blending the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics through cutting-edge, interactive exhibits...brought to your door.

As previously mentioned, there are now two units of Mobile Ed's STEAM Museum touring the nation, one dedicated to the East Coast, the other touring throughout the Mid-West and Texas.  There are plenty of opportunities for you to experience the STEAM Museum in your own school - contact Mobile Ed to get the process started today!

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