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I Like the Dreams of the Future Better Than the History of the Past

Posted on Tue, Jul 28, 2015

Thomas Jefferson school assembly for kids
Yet another new living history character program tours with Mobile Ed - Thomas Jefferson!

In addition to George Washington and Teddy Roosevelt (just to metnion a few), professional historical impersonator Peter Small also portrays founding father Thomas Jefferson in a 45-minute educational assembly program for kids K-12.  

The content of the program is mostly geared towards upper elementary and beyond, however the show can be adapted to work for the little guys as well.

This interactive portrayal by professional school performer Peter Small grew out of his love of history, while he taught history in the greater Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. areas. He has performed for a wide range of national audiences, including the Presidential Libraries of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Herbert Hoover, and George Bush and the History Channel.

"I found the best way to do it with the children was to make it interactive," Small says. "Get them involved with the story, otherwise it can be just as dull as regular history lesson."

Watch this video about the Thomas Jefferson assembly:

Bring the Sage of Monticello to your school

For schools that regularly schedule history assembly programs, Thomas Jefferson is an exciting option to add variety to your event's calendar.  If you've had Abraham Lincoln in your building for Presidents' Day, mix things up and consider Thomas Jefferson's words of wisdom as an alternative.

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