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I Like the Dreams of the Future Better Than the History of the Past

Posted on Tue, Jul 28, 2015

Yet another new living history character program tours with Mobile Ed - Thomas Jefferson!

In addition to George Washington and Teddy Roosevelt (just to metnion a few), professional historical impersonator Peter Small also portrays founding father Thomas Jefferson in a 45-minute educational assembly program for kids K-12.  
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Keep Your Eyes on the Stars and Your Feet on the Ground

Posted on Wed, Jul 22, 2015

Another new living history program joins the Mobile Ed lineup - Teddy Roosevelt!

We have had numerous historical characters come through Mobile Ed over the years.  Our time machine has allowed Thomas Edison, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Ben Franklin, Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain (and even Huckleberry Finn, if he counts) to visit tens of thousands of schools and institutions all over the country.  

One character that's always been missing from our menu is Theodore Roosevelt, but not anymore!Now, thanks to experienced historical performer Peter Small, Teddy Roosevelt joins our lineup of professionall "living history" characters!  We're very excited to be featuring another historical icon more off the beaten path than Abraham Lincoln, which while an excellent program, we realize many schools have already experienced and are looking for something new for this generation of students.

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Discover the Technology of Today Through the Words of Yesterday

Posted on Tue, Jul 14, 2015

History comes alive with Thomas Edison - now available in Califorina and the Pacific Northwest

Our Thomas Edison assembly program has been a mainstay in our lineup for years.  Some of our very best performers have played the role of the world's greatest inventor including Joe French, Jim Tait, Ryan Thompson, Tom Swenson, Tom Johnson and more.

Now, Peter Small joins the list of world-class Thomas Edison performers!  This veteran history performer also portrays George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson in school assemblies of their own.  He will be playing Edison (and the other characters) in schools in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nedava, New Mexcio and Colorado, with other states to be announced.

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California School Assemblies - Living the West Coast Dream

Posted on Fri, Feb 11, 2011

Sitting here in the depths of our Michigan winter, we thought to turn our gaze westward toward warmer places for a change. Midwest school assemblies or school shows on the East Coast are usually the topic of this blog, but we have been looking at Michigan school assembly performers and Ohio school assembly performers so much lately I thought we might look westward instead, and follow that California Dream a little. 

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Midwest School Assemblies and Toma the Mime

Posted on Thu, Dec 16, 2010

I have been remiss lately in not mentioning one of my very favorite midwest school assemblies, performed by a skilled and passionate young gentleman, who is certainly one of the best school assembly performers I have ever seen!

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Career Choices and Film in Michigan - School Assemblies that help!

Posted on Thu, Oct 21, 2010

There is a bit of a debate going on here in Michigan. A few years back, as Michigan watched countless manufacturing jobs disappearing, the state government decided to try and entice new, growth industries into Michigan with generous tax credits. One of the industries they tapped was Film.

Michigan joined forty some other states in competing for film work by offering the most generous film tax credit incentives in the country. The idea was that film is still a thriving US industry which exports product all over the world, and that it employs many people in jobs that are ideal for retrained auto workers. But in addition, it is a very attractive industry for young, creative people, and Michigan has been watching a steady exodus of young people for years, all heading to more creative environments elsewhere.

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