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Sky Dome Portable Planetarium A Big Hit in California Schools!

Posted on Tue, Jan 17, 2012

OK, time for a little blowing of our own horn. Year after year, all over the country schools offer up acclaim for our awesome portable planetarium, The Sky Dome. Four separate tours carrying this brilliant inflatable planetarium travel all over the country every year.

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California School Assemblies Teach Kids That Writing is a Blast!

Posted on Wed, Jun 15, 2011

California School Assemblies Teach Kids That Writing is a Blast!

One of the most difficult tasks a teacher has is teaching kids to write. Children are usually put off by this task and don’t realize how much fun it can be to engage in creative writing.

Many schools, seeking to excite students and prod them into writing turn to famous or not so famous authors of children's literature and arrange a visit from such an author. And, indeed, sometimes this can help. But often the writer of great books is not a great or engaging speaker. Moreover, since writing itself is their principal love, many only visit schools reluctantly and therefore charge exorbitant rates or impose outlandish conditions upon the school. Not quite as bad as rock stars insisting that green M&M’s be removed from the dish backstage, but oftentimes times almost as bad!

Thankfully, a real and delightful alternative exists. Frequent readers will have heard me speak before about Young Authors Day, our creative writing program performed by a classical mime.
This thoroughly entertaining and important program was created by Toma The Mime, a student of famous French classical mime Marcelle Marceau. Toma has drawn rave reviews in this program for almost twenty years and is still getting kids excited about writing all over the midwest, Texas and the East Coast.

But what is a West Coast school to do?
Well, Mobile Ed has you covered! Young Authors Day is such a popular and “in-demand” school assembly that we have had Toma train other performers to carry the program into areas time will not permit him to visit.
In California we are exceptionally fortunate and blessed to have the talents of Karen Lorshbough available to visit our schools and she is magnificent! A skilled and highly trained classical mime in her own right, Karen came to us some years ago and she and Toma hit it off immediately. I have to say it was amusing having them both here in the office simultaneously during training! We never knew what was going to be waiting around any corner in the office!

Karen now lives in Southern California, but travels all over the west for Mobile Ed bringing her performing skills to play and instilling in children a wonderful love of creative writing.

The day starts with a 45 minute program in which Karen demonstrates to the delight of her audience how a story may be told through mime. In the process, the children are not only highly entertained, but also learn how a mime may play multiple characters in the same story. During the program she occasionally breaks character as the mime and becomes “the author”, explaining how she comes up with ideas for stories, how she puts them down on paper, the differences between writing for a reader versus writing for a performer and so on. The children are mesmerized. Toward the end of the assembly she sends the children back to their rooms armed with a simple plot-based rubric for writing stories, and challenged to write their own. During the balance of the morning Karen visits classrooms while the children are writing and offers support, suggestions and other assistance. In the afternoon, students are treated to a reprise performance when in a large group assembly, Karen proceeds to perform stories written by the students that  morning. The excitement and joy is palpable and the day leaves an indelible mark on the kids teaching them that writing is a blast! This energy remains in the classrooms for weeks following a visit.

Some schools capitalize on a visit by also scheduling an evening show so that parents can view the stories written by their sons and daughters. These events are always well attended, as what parent can resist their child begging them to return to the school at night?
So if you are out on the left coast reading this, and you are contemplating picking out the green M&M’s to satisfy some demanding author, why bother? A visit from the lovely Karen is not only more effective, but also so much more fun!

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California School Assemblies - Character Counts for 2011-2012!

Posted on Tue, Jun 7, 2011

It is always difficult trying to please everyone. We all know the old quote from Mr. Lincoln, right? “You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. Well, trying to please everyone with the school assemblies we offer is a little similar to that. But this year, in California, we think we have it covered!

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California School Assemblies - Living the West Coast Dream

Posted on Fri, Feb 11, 2011

Sitting here in the depths of our Michigan winter, we thought to turn our gaze westward toward warmer places for a change. Midwest school assemblies or school shows on the East Coast are usually the topic of this blog, but we have been looking at Michigan school assembly performers and Ohio school assembly performers so much lately I thought we might look westward instead, and follow that California Dream a little. 

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