Education Through Entertainment

The Gold Standard in School Assembly Programs

Posted on Wed, Sep 4, 2013

Mobile Ed has a lot of great performers. That is an understatement really! Mobile Ed has lots and lots of really amazing school show presenters! That is how we have not only remained in business for more than thirty years, but how we have led the world of school shows the entire time and are now the largest company in the country presenting high quality school assemblies in communities nationwide.

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Kentucky Invaded Again! (This Time With School Assemblies)

Posted on Tue, Aug 14, 2012

Today is an anniversary of an invasion that took place in Kentucky in 1862. Kentucky, of course, remained loyal to the Union during the Civil War, one of three “border states” (the other two being Missouri and Maryland) where slavery was legal and practiced before the war, but where the elected state governments did not vote to secede along with the rest of the South.

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Mobile Ed Visits Kentucky Administrators Conference (KASA)

Posted on Fri, Jul 13, 2012

Just a quick tip for our friends in Kentucky!

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Midwest School Assembly Performers Coming Home For The Holidays!

Posted on Wed, Nov 9, 2011

Just a refresher today to keep you up to speed on the comings and goings of some of our great school assembly performers. Seems like a lot of our best Midwest school show presenters were in other parts of the country in October, but they are all coming back to the Midwest in time for Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays.

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Midwest School Shows - An Old Friend Returns!

Posted on Thu, Jan 13, 2011

Based in Michigan, as we are, many of our school assembly performers are Michigan artists and teachers. It also happens frequently that performing school assemblies will get into your blood. A great school show performer, having worked for us for awhile, will retire to some other profession only to find they miss our odd little world.

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