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6 Resources for Teaching Astronomy in Your Classroom

Posted on Mon, May 23, 2022

If you take a look at any culture, it doesn't take long to find the signs and tells of astronomy deeply rooted within them. In ancient times, astronomy was studied and used as an essential tool in helping people determine the timing of important agricultural events like spring planting and fall harvests. The orientation of the ancient constellations was used as a clock by which time could be measured. “Indigenous astronomy“ was the astronomy that existed long before the Ancient Greeks and the modern era.

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Great Ideas for School Assemblies for Halloween

Posted on Thu, Oct 24, 2013

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Of Space, and Heros and the Stars

Posted on Fri, Oct 4, 2013

Today is October 4, and whether or not you know it, today marks some important anniversaries in the exploration of Space.

Mobile Ed has always been interested in Space. Way back in the dark ages we began touring withour Sky Dome portable planetariums and taking them into schools so that young students could begin to understand the universe in which we live. And through the years we have kept a keen eye on all the events and breakthroughs connected with Space and Space exploration.

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Eleven Cool School Assemblies For Colorado This Year!

Posted on Fri, Sep 6, 2013

Rocky Mountain High! Mobile Ed returns to Colorado again this year with a full roster of outstanding school assemblies.

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Still More Great reviews for Mobile Ed School Enrichment Programs!

Posted on Thu, Jun 6, 2013

Yeah, yeah, I know … here I go bragging again about our stellar school show performers. But, you know, when you represent people that are this cool and wonderful, it's hard not to want to tell everyone about how great they are. You know? :-) It is kind of like that silly, old t-shirt expression. You remember the one... "It's hard to be humble when you are as great as I am." Heh, heh, heh. Well, I may not be all that great (in fact my wife never tires of reminding me just how un-great I am), but some of our performers really are magnificent.

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Second Semester School Assembly Ideas - Now Is The Time To Plan

Posted on Tue, Nov 27, 2012

Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping madness are now behind us once again! And that means the crazy rush toward the Christmas and New Year holidays is upon us. Amidst all the excitement of the next three to four weeks, please do not forget one very important item. Don’t forget to plan your school assemblies and shows for the Winter and Spring!

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Facebook, Newsweek And School Assemblies

Posted on Thu, Oct 18, 2012

Interesting news the today. Newsweek, the renowned news magazine, has announced it will cease printing a hard copy version of itself and focus all of it’s efforts on it’s online edition. A sign of the times reiterated by a recent poll showing social networking site Facebook has now taken the lead as the most important brand in the world over such giants as Google, Disney and Apple. Clearly, people are spending more and more time online and less and less in previously popular pastimes.

What does this mean for our culture?

At one time, the most popular form of entertainment was live theatre. At that time, the only alternatives were other “live” art forms such as music and dance. One hundred years ago, everyone went to the theatre. At least, everyone who could. Then came movies. Then came television. Today, the remaining world of theatre is composed of New York musical extravaganzas, alongside small “cottage industry” theatres that still present plays in much the same form that William Shakespeare would recognize, were he alive today. Such is the power of technology. I don’t lament this trend, but it is interesting to watch. How long before theatre transforms through technology into some form of hologram that pops up on your coffee table? 

In education we are witnessing similar inroads. More and more classrooms are adopting interactive, computer based technologies such as smart boards into regular classroom instruction. Schools are integrating more and more communication into online formats. And more and more classes and degrees are available through online sources. Is this good or not? Events are moving so quickly it is difficult to tell, though I suspect for the main part it is all wonderful.

Still, there is something lost when a child receives all instruction through technology. Human interaction is important. It just is.

Many years ago, my late brother used to say “A phone call is better than a letter. But a face to face visit is better than a phone call.” I suspect he was right, and I suspect a human face is still better than a computer screen. 

Live educational school shows provide the opportunity for talented and experienced performers to take students to places in their education that a computer screen simply cannot touch. I refuse to accept that a book can convey the humanity of Abraham Lincoln more effectively than 45 minutes in the presence of the man himself. One of our competitors offers a mobile planetarium, of sorts, that makes use of a very well produced movie projected on the inside of a dome. Interesting, and well produced I am certain, with many cool special effects. But it cannot compete with an actual planetarium presentation, such as Sky Dome, offering  a live guide presenting the program and constantly adjusting and tailoring the show though interaction with the audience.

To paraphrase my brother, a computer class is good, but a skilled teacher is better. And a talented performer, acting as a skilled teacher, and  presenting a live school assembly is the best of all!

Oh... and,uh ...don't forget to visit us on Facebook! :-)

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Everyone's Talking About Mobile Ed School Shows!

Posted on Mon, Oct 15, 2012

Mobile Ed has worked very hard over the years to build and maintain our reputation. We could put together all the marketing materials in the world about how great we think we are and how much we think you need us, but the words of unbiased clients count for so much more.

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Promoting School Funding With School Assembly Programs

Posted on Wed, Oct 3, 2012

If you have kids and live in Michigan then most likely you already know what today was, don't you? Today was, of course, that most important day called “Count Day”. If you do not know what that means, then here is an explanation.

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School Assembly Guide – What Is A School Assembly?

Posted on Mon, Aug 27, 2012

At this time, every year, around the country, young parents are being thrown into new volunteer tasks with their PTO or PTA organizations. Some are charged with fund raising activities, others with membership drives, while still others are made secretaries or treasurers. But to some falls the task of arranging school assemblies. And what, they think to themselves, is a school assembly? What is a school assembly program? What do you mean I am to arrange the enrichment programs?

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