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The Strength of a Curve | Super Structures

Posted on Thu, Jan 25, 2018

Last time on Super Structures we showed you how incredibly strong an egg can be.  This time, marvel at the strength a curve can provide.  Check out this amazing demonstration that you Jr. Engineers can try yourself from the one and only Jasmine Blaise.

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The Strength of an Egg | Super Structures

Posted on Fri, Nov 10, 2017

Think you can crush an egg in your bare hand?  Think again!  Learn how an egg's shape makes it incredibly strong with another installment of Super Structures.

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The Strongest Shape | Super Structures

Posted on Tue, Jul 11, 2017

To celebrate the first year of our new assembly program Super Structures, we've created a video series to get you in on the ground floor.  In this first video, join Jasmine Blaise to learn about which shapes are the best to build with in "The Strongest Shape".

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