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Back to School 2018 - Are Your Assemblies Scheduled?

Posted on Mon, Aug 6, 2018

Well, it's happened.  It's officially "Back to School" season, isn't it?  *sigh*

When you're finished running around filling backpacks and buying new shoes, take a minute to set up your assemblies and events for the fall.  From portable planetariums to character education, we've got your start-of-the-year assembly needs covered.  Take a moment to see what's coming to you Fall 2018!

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Character Counts Except On The Internet!

Posted on Thu, Jul 28, 2011

Schools across the country have in recent years pondered the problem of how to turn children into moral individuals and good citizens. Many have exerted much effort to introduce good character education into the daily lives of children. Concepts such as respect, responsibility, honesty and so on have been crafted together into a format known as “Character Counts” under a banner introducing and promoting six specific “pillars of character”. Many schools now utilize these concepts on a daily basis to help turn today's children into the good citizens of tomorrow. And this is a great thing!

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