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Travel Through Time This School Year with 10 Historical Figures!

Posted on Mon, Oct 3, 2022

Travel Through Time This School Year with 10 Historical Figures!

Mobile Ed Presents Abraham Lincoln

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

-Benjamin Franklin

For nearly 45 years, Mobile Ed has seen how students of all ages become fascinated with history and the magic that happens when they get to experience it for themselves.

Our Historical Characters series constantly brings smiles and laughs and captures the attention of students all around our nation. With Mobile Ed's historical character programs, your students will have the unique once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have these historical characters come right to their school with the world-famous Mobile Ed Time Machine

Our team recognizes the importance of social studies and historical recollection for our families, students, communities, and country. Studying history is an effective way of better understanding the world around us today and not repeating the mistakes of the past. By studying the past, we can see and understand how it has shaped us personally, nationally, and globally and continues to shape us today. By studying the lives of others, we are able to build empathy by exploring histories that are vibrant and diverse. We are able to learn valuable lessons through their experiences. Students will have opportunities to interact, participate, and ask our historical characters questions as they visit you from the past!

The Mobile Ed Time Machine currently offers these legendary historical figures: 

1. Abraham Lincoln: Students will travel on an “educational odyssey” as Abraham Lincoln “himself” tells the story of his life from early childhood to his final days. This program is geared toward students of all ages to teach them about the 16th president and the Emancipation Proclamation, and you may catch a few laughs and tears in the audience in this emotional program along the way. 

2. Martin Luther King Jr.: Martin Luther King Jr. was well known for his ideology. Students will hear King’s history and philosophy directly from “himself” through vivid storytelling, audience participation, and skits. This program will educate students on MLK’s life, morals, social injustice, and the Civil Rights Movement. 

3. Women in History: Students will get to know several crucial women in history who paved the way for modern science, politics, and health care. Some important women that your students will learn about include Amelia Erhart, Harriet Tubman, Florence Nightingale, Annie Oakley, and more! Each performance will bring fantastic costumes, powerful storytelling, and insights into how women have influenced our modern lives. 

4. Mark Twain: Using fancy costumes and modern technology, this program brings students an immersive experience back to the 19th century. This program is performed based on your grade level but will include hands-on activities for your students, wonderful storytelling from Mark Twain, and fun demonstrations. Students will learn about Twain's history but will also learn about writing, critical thinking, and interpretation.

5. George Washington: Students will have a historical adventure as they assist the Father of Our Country with crossing the Delaware River, surviving the winter at Valley Forge, and helping establish a new government under the U.S. Constitution. Students get an up-close view of the American Revolution and the laws of our government in this fun-filled performance. 


6. Benjamin Franklin: Known for his kite experiment, Franklin will demonstrate his experiment and share interesting stories of his past while students are immersed in the 1700s. Ben Franklin will challenge your students, encourage positive behavior, and motivate your students to learn more about history. 


7. Teddy Roosevelt: We call Teddy Roosevelt an “exciting” president, and your students will understand why as they hear of Roosevelt’s adventures in the safari, climbing mountains, hiking through America, and life as president. This program will inspire students to persevere when facing hardships in life while also educating students on the American frontier, leadership, and presidency. 

8. Sacagawea: With authentic costuming, maps, and wild stories, this one-woman performance will enchant your students as they travel back in time to trek across North America. Students will dive deep into American history as they study Sacaqawea’s early childhood, nomadic plains tribes, the Louisiana Purchase, and Lewis and Clark. 

9. Thomas Edison: Watch as students become more curious learners as they experience Edison’s childhood curiosity, fascinating inventions, and inspirational performance. Students will see live demonstrations of Edison’s inventions during this program. There is also a hands-on workshop available as part of this program if requested. 

10. Thomas Jefferson: Jefferson called himself a lot of labels, and students will understand them all after an exciting, interactive performance of Jefferson “himself”. Students will leave this program understanding America’s early history, the Declaration of Independence, and America’s third president. 

Our team travels across the country to bring these powerful performances to thousands of students each year. We can’t help but love when students’ faces light up each time they get to experience a little bit of history themselves. Several of our historical figure programs are available virtually as well. Contact us today to find out what our program availability is for this school year! 

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