Education Through Entertainment

Happy 21st to Geoff as Mobile Ed Midwest Regional Manager

Posted on Mon, Jun 30, 2014

Mobile Ed Productions has reached it's 35th year, and Geoff Beauchamp has been a part of more than half of it! Starting as a performer in January of 1989, Geoff created Mobile Ed's The Living Lincoln, and is still one of our "Lincoln's" who brings The Living Lincoln into your school each year. Pretty good likeliness huh? 

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The Day Lincoln Died and Other Tales From School Assemblies

Posted on Mon, Apr 14, 2014

Today is April 14, a day most Americans know as the day in which they madly scramble to finish their taxes before the deadline for filing tomorrow, April 15. But something of great moment happened on this day, a long time ago.

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Happy Thanksgiving From Mobile Ed Productions!

Posted on Tue, Nov 26, 2013

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On Being Lincoln – A Quarter Century of School Assemblies

Posted on Mon, Oct 14, 2013

I wasn't always Lincoln.

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“Lincoln” Film Gathers Assembly of Twelve Academy Award Nominations

Posted on Thu, Jan 10, 2013

To no one's surprise, Steven Spielberg's film Lincoln has gathered a large array of nominations for this year's Academy Awards. Best Film, Best Actor and on and on. The film is brilliant and deserves all the recognition it can get. In particular, the performance of Daniel Day Lewis in the title role deserves supreme accolades.

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Remembering Pearl Harbor - Lamenting History Education

Posted on Fri, Dec 7, 2012

Today is December 7, “the date that will live in infamy” according to the great Franklin D. Roosevelt. But will it?

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Second Semester School Assembly Ideas - Now Is The Time To Plan

Posted on Tue, Nov 27, 2012

Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping madness are now behind us once again! And that means the crazy rush toward the Christmas and New Year holidays is upon us. Amidst all the excitement of the next three to four weeks, please do not forget one very important item. Don’t forget to plan your school assemblies and shows for the Winter and Spring!

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Spielberg Lincoln Movie A Brilliant Teaching Tool

Posted on Mon, Nov 19, 2012

Seven score and nine years ago, President Abraham Lincoln, weak from an oncoming illness, stepped in front of a large crowd gathered in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to deliver what would become widely recognized as one of the finest speeches ever uttered in the English language. The words he spoke that day have come down to us one hundred and forty nine years later as The Gettysburg Address. Words that have been studied and faithfully memorized by millions over the decades that follow because of the powerfully elegant simplicity with which they sum up so much of what was great about Abraham Lincoln and, more importantly, what is great about America.

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Abraham Lincoln, The Battle of Antietam and School Assemblies

Posted on Mon, Sep 17, 2012

One of our good friends is in Maryland today. His name is Frank, and his real job is that of principal at a school in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area. But today he is engaged in another passion. Frank is a Civil War reenactor and today he is in Maryland, along with thousands of his colleagues, reenacting one of the the turning points in the war, the Battle of Antietam.

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Twenty Five Years of Abraham Lincoln School Assemblies

Posted on Wed, Aug 1, 2012

It is August first, and in some parts of the country, schools are going back into session as early as next week. Can you hear the groans? And the snickers, too, from the kids whose districts have another month before they start up again. But all too soon, schools across the country will once more be in session.

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